BenkikoDAO 6 Tier Economy

Create digital assets for projects, businesses, and communities which are tradable across Benkiko and the larger crypto ecosystem.

Using our integration with Stellar, Benkiko DAO and the community will be able to issue and trade custom tokens representing just anything of economic value in what we call A 6 Tier Economy. Tokens allow us to turn communities into micro-economies with a communal unit of account. This makes them self-sustaining and able to assign and facilitate the transfer of value between members and other communities outside.

Tokenization allows us to issue rights to a real-world asset or item on a blockchain where an owner of the rights has a claim to the real-world unit.

Essentially, this allows every industry of whatever magnitude to tokenize itself in what would be similar IPOs but for everyone. This is well captured in our 6 Tier Economy as shown in the table below;

Token CategoryToken PurposeMax. Supply

USDC and other verified Stablecoins.

The stablecoin of the Benkiko Platform with a 1:1 backing with the global reserve currency (i.e. USD) to be used as the bridge between BenkikoDAO ecosystem, the existing financial system, and your local currency.


Industry Token

Representing a given Industry.

$xxx, xxx, xxx

Field Token

Representing a given Field in the Industry.

$xxx, xxx, xxx

Brand Token

Representing a given Brand in the Field.

$xxx, xxx, xxx

Personal Brand Tokens

To be used as a Brand token for Personal Brands.

$xxx, xxx, xxx

Special Events Tokens

Used to represent tickets to events.

$xxx, xxx, xxx

* The tokens other than the stablecoin are issued up to 8 decimal places.

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