Benkiko DAO is a Stellar client powering an ecosystem of decentralized tools and services for the alternative economy.

Benkiko DAO is working to revolutionize how we relate with and exchange value online. Using new and existing technologies to enable our community members to do more with their money online, instantly, and at low fees.

To achieve this, Benkiko DAO integrates with Stellar protocol to allow its community to issue digital assets of any kind, exchange, and move them between accounts while still facilitating a seamless on/off ramping using existing payment rails like M-Pesa, fintech apps, and Bank transfers through a Stellar anchor back to fiat or external crypto ecosystems.

With support for 54+ currencies, we will work hard to avail integration APIs that allow developers anywhere in the world to build everyday consumer use cases relying on Benkiko DAO as the micropayment rail.

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