Use cases

Benkiko DAO uses cases that can only be limited by your imagination.

Benkiko DAO strives to power alternative economies while supporting smoothing bridging to the current economy and its financial rails. While supplementing and complementing the traditional economy, Benkiko DAO is shaping a niche for itself making the alternative economy formal and professional.

Here are sample use cases for Benkiko DAO;

Creator Economy

Let your audience be part of your creative journey. Receive tips and appreciation claps for your entertaining, educational, and informative creation.

Social Commerce

Sell products and services online without friction. The era of zero marginal cost businesses is here.

Gig Economy

Perform online tasks and contractual on-demand gigs from anywhere in the world with simple, and seamless micropayments.

City-state Economies

Benkiko DAO will work with counties, cities, and municipalities to implement consensus-enabled governance and public participation in the allocation of resources.

API Economy

Build niche consumer DApps on the blockchain without breaking a sweat. Build once, scale anywhere. From subscription solutions, digital signature and contract tools, on-demand streaming, NFTs marketplaces and so much more.

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