Our Roadmap

The journey to the unknown.

Benkiko DAO focuses its roadmap mainly on feedback from the community and interaction with changes in the crypto industry at large. In its endeavors to transform how we interact and use money, Benkiko DAO will remain committed to its vision To power the New Digital Economy through digital-first payments.

Release Versioning;

  • Genesis version - V.1.0.

  • Benkiko bug fixes - V.1.1.

  • Benkiko Protocol update - V.2.0.

V. 1.0. - The Alchemist

Tagline: Finding our footing.


Wallet creations

Late June

Spot, Swap & AMM

5th July

Cash-in & Cash-out

7th July

V.2.0 - Nairobi Upgrade

Tagline: Paying homage.


V. 3.0 - Africana Upgrade

Tagline: Africa awakens.



V. 4.0 - Seneca Upgrade

Tagline: The holy grail.


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