Features and capabilities of BenkikoDAO.

Cash-in and Cash-out

Deposits and withdrawals are facilitated by the Stellar protocol in a trust-minimized way to crypto wallets, cash points, banks, cards, and mobile money across the globe.


BenkikoDAO uses USDC and other known crypto tokens to power instant global micropayments for the digital economy.

Store, trade and transfer assets

Use BenkikoDAO to hold, trade, and transfer stablecoins, assets, NFTs, and precious metals.

Send money and remit

Send money, receive and remit money from anywhere in the world in a decentralized manner.

Connect banking rails

BenkikoDAO utilizes Stellar capabilities to facilitate a SWIFT-like alternative enabling users to send money directly from one bank to another globally.

Be part of something

Through digital assets and tokenization, Benkiko's novel economic model enables you to be a micro-owner and decision-maker in projects, communities, and industries.