Intuitive tools and functionalities with BenkikoDAO.

These tools and functionalities are meant to power community members to lead a fully digital lifestyle and the freedom to be global citizens.

Digital ID

A personal pay mail and digital ID that acts as a portal to all your digital life. Sign in to ecosystem apps, work online and get paid, and sign digital contracts with your unique ID.


Monitor your portfolio and transact from a user-friendly wallet.

Spot trade

Create order book trades in the open market with limits and cancel order functionalities.

Liquidity pools

Create pools and contribute liquidity where you can earn up to 30% APY. Withdraw anytime.


Instantly Swap from one crypto asset to another at 0.30% in fees.

Vault & Multi-sign

Create trust-enabled vaults and contracts where a wallet can not initiate any operation without signatures from approved parties.

Developer portal

Use Stellar Open APIs and open-source code to build Decentralized Apps (DApps) that can scale globally.

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