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Micropayments and governance protocol for projects and digital communities.

About Benkiko DAO

A community scaling DAO-as-a-service protocol enabling startups and communities across the world to implement effective self-governance and process micropayments powered by

The building blocks

A Global Village

Benkiko envisions a world where its community members are able and free to work, earn, spend and invest in projects and startups.

The Digital Economy

With a more financially connected globe, Benkiko is able to level the playing field for community members to participate in the global economy.

A Six-tier Economic Model

A novel economic model where community members and participants are decision-makers at every level of the economy.
Just like YouTube unleashed the creative powers of many among us, Benkiko is aiming to help the “long tail” of businesses and consumers benefit from cryptocurrency advantages over fiat currencies, also known as "national currencies."
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